September News Letter

Hi All,


This year has seen a lot of activity for me.

India, Nepal, Bolivia, Eigg & Harris

In January I went to India followed by a trip to Nepal in February.

Then in March, I spent a month recuperating at home with post-viral 'something'.

I did manage to get up to the Highlands to re-visit the isle of Eigg and the north west, and was greeted with one of the most wintry experiences I've had to date here in Scotland.

April saw me go back to Patagonia where I conducted my 3rd photo workshop there (it was a hoot).

And then I quickly followed that with a trip to Bolivia to photograph the Altipano. A Mars like landscape, otherworldly, only comparable to Iceland for photographic potential.

Summer saw me photograph some of the Scottish islands - Harris, Lewis and also the Orkney's, and this August I went back to the Orkney's to try to get some photographs I'd missed the first time earlier this summer.

Where do I go from here?

And now what? Well, I have my first Scottish workshop imminent - it starts in two weeks on the Isle of Eigg. A small Scottish Island with one of the most photogenic beaches in Scotland overlooking the island of Rum.

I have eight people coming with me - two Danish, one Italian, one Spanish, one Australian, two Scottish and one English.... and of course me :-)

I've prepared a lot of course notes about my 'process'... how I achieve my images, but I'm looking forward to the company and sharing of ideas..... That is, what I feel, workshops are all about.


It didn't happen. Some of you may remember I was contacted by Apple, with interest in using some of my images for desktops. I presume this was for the now released Snow Leopard Operating System.

Upcoming Talks

I'll be posting late September. Until then, if you live in the Falkirk area or Cumbernauld area, then you may be interested in the talks I have lined up:

3rd September, Falkirk Camera Club 22nd September, Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Camera Club

There are more talks lined up for the rest of the year, so please check out my schedule.


Harris & Lewis

As you may be aware, all of my photographic workshops for this year have sold out. I'm now starting to fill spaces for next year's workshops.

However, I do have spaces left on my Isle of Harris trip for this November in the outer hebrides. Harris was a nice surprise for me this year because I'd been wanting to get there for a long time but my Schedule never permitted it. The place is very beautiful - lots of big expansive golden sandy beaches with not a soul to see for miles and miles. It's a wide open expanse of a place with standing stones not too far away on the adjoining island of Lewis. Perhaps you might want to come? More details here.