Fox at Grey Revisited

I just got an e-mail from Roger Pool today, one of the participants from my workshop in Patagonia this March. Roger has put his images on SmugSmug and they're excellent. To view them, go here. In the e-mail he sent me, there was a picture of the fox we had the great excitement of photographing while at the edge of Lago Grey one morning.

Image © Roger Pool, Torres del Paine Workshop 2009

Yep, that's me on the right side, with my ear-wind-shields up on my hat, crouched over my tripod.

I love this image because it shows how close we were to the fox. The image I created from this shoot is here. I was struggling because I had the entirely wrong kind of lens on my camera... a wide angle when the fox appeared. It would have been very tempting for me to zoom right in, but I'm pleased I was restricted to what I had.