Last Indian Portrait

I'm almost done with working on my Indian portraits. One of the biggest snags for me is knowing when to stop.

I have around 99 rolls of film, and it's quite an endeavor going through each contact sheet, often revisiting the same contact sheet - just to check that I've not overlooked some golden nugget. Some image that will add strength to the final collection. I'm sure there will be one or two that will get away from me.

A few years down the line I'll stumble upon my films from India and revist them, only to sit in wonder as to why certain images were omitted. It's just the way of things.

Distance allows us time to be more objective about our work.

So here is a quick contact sheet of the images I propose to put into my india portfolio. It could change. It may stay the same. I may find some more images or decided to halt work for a week or so only to come back to it all with fresh eyes and decide there are much more images i want to include.

I took a lot of shots of Prayer objects while in India, and one of the thoughts that I'm having right now is to create a seperate portfolio of these 'strange objects'.

Perhaps I sound unsure of what I'm doing, perhaps you think I'm just playing around. I think it's neither. It's just part of the creative process. I like to visualise my images while I'm out there shooting, but it doesn't stop at that point. It continues when I get home and start to slowly build up the collection of images into an entity that has its own personality or character. I'm never sure just where the creative process is taking me and that's always exciting.

Then there are the images which I feel don't fit into any category. They're memorable to me though, because they remind me of just how strange a place India is compared to my home land of Scotland.