A simple smile

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple smile to make me feel that I've captured a portrait well. In this instance,  the pose was natural and that smile of her's really got to me. There's a glow in her eyes too and I can't help smiling inside because of it.

That's one thing I like about photographing people from undeveloped regions. They've not been conditioned from an early age to go into a rigid stance and turn on the most horrific 'cheese-mode' smile. I use the word 'horrific' appropriately.

So this lady in Baktapur, Kathmandu Valley, due to decades of not being photographed has responded well considering she's probably never had a camera weilded in front of her before. Of course I'd like to give all credit to that part of the image making process to myself, but I think it's more to do with spontenaety and lack of conditioning on her part.