Praying #2

And again, I spent another day roaming Bodnath Stupa, hoping to get a different perspective from my previous days. So it was with surprise when I realised I'd missed a small passage way which leads to an area for Tibetans to pray and do their prostrations. 

Prostrations are done to purify the body, speech and mind. There was an order or dicipline to how they run through their prayers each morning. I wanted to illustrate that yet I found it hard to find a vantage point where I could capture what I was seeing, until I saw this shot. It's one of those occasions where you have to blot out everything else around you to visualise it.

Two figures, side by side facing a wall, the picture is about dress, it's also about stature. Well, these are the things I feel it's about. You may feel otherwise. I just remember having to stay for a while and try to time the shutter going off at the exact moment when one of the women would raise her hands. What's not apparent from this image is the constant movement they were both in - un-synchronised, it was a game of chance waiting for a moment when both women would be up from the boards, side by side, and doubly so to get one of them with their hands raised before the other continued downward with her prostrations.