Eigg, Harris, Lewis & Orkney

I've been busy working on my new images from Harris, Lewis and Orkney. So this post has a nice preview of some images from those trips, but before I show you them, I have some important information on my Isle of Eigg workshop for September.

Isle of Eigg Workshop - Only 1 space left!

I know plenty of you have been telling me for months that you are intending on coming along on the Isle of Eigg workshop.

I now only have 1 space left, so if you are still thinking about coming - now is your chance.

Laig Bay, Isle of Eigg

Don't worry

TThe good news is that I have set up a second Eigg workshop for the 19th to 24th of April 2010, in case you can't make the September trip because I've been overrun by a stampede to get the last place ;-)

See : http://www.lightonscotland.com/pages/eigg.html

Harris & Lewis & Orkney

I thought I'd show you a preview of some new images I shot on Harris and Lewis & Orkney earlier this Summer.

This image was shot on the main Orkney Island at the rings of Brodgar.

Rings of Brodgar, Orkney

And this one is of Seilbost beach on the isle of Harris:

Seilebost Beach, Harris

And sometimes you find strange things on a beach. I loved the 'rocking horse' shape of this dead tree:

Seilebost Rocking Horse

But I think I was most impressed by the Callanish Stones and happened upon them one summers evening while the moon was rising: