Creating a portfolio book

Just a few days ago, I was approached by a very well known company to use my images with their products. As a result, they've arranged for Fed Ex to pick up my portfolio this week to ship it to California so they can appraise my work. How many of you have your work printed up, and presented in a professional system which allows you to reconfigure and change pages in the book depending on the client’s need?


The trick with this sort of thing is to keep the collection of images as pertinent as possible to the proposed medium your client is interested in, and to be ruthless with the choices you decide to include : any image that is causing you doubt, or that you feel is flawed in some way - has to be removed. Print quality is paramount as well.

I got my portfolio printed up by a local professional lab onto mat paper. It’s the only way to go because glossy paper behind plastic sheets is too highly reflective. The book is leather bound, has my name embossed on it and was made by a company called Plastic Sandwich. I decided to go for a small book which contains 10×10 prints. Some people go for really large books, but I feel that it’s got to be reasonably portable, and it’s only a means of illustrating what you are about. If they like what they see, then larger images can be prepared.