A road too far

I kind of feel I'm at the end of a journey at the moment. After traveling to India, being sick for three weeks, then onto Nepal where my condition just got worse, then back home for 1 month reccuperation only to be told by my doctor that something wasn't right with my liver, then back to South America to go to Patagonia, then onto Bolivia.... . I just feel.... exhausted.

But you have to get things out of your system and I certainly feel I've been doing that lately.

On the road..... somewhere on the Altiplano

So why do I do it? Why photography? Why go to far flung places? Certainly, when I'm fatigued I certainly start to question my motivations and it's often at a dark time, when I'm feeling really under the weather that I just want to jack it all in. It is, after all, just photography.

But I think it's an inner drive thing. If you really want to create something, make a statement, you have to go with what your inner voice tells you. Perhaps this sounds a bit too philisophical, but in order to create good images, you have to be in touch with something more than just wanting to go out and make images. I'm unclear as to why I do it. I like to think I'm quite a modest person, pretty unassuming. I just so happen to be a little bit mad when it comes to photography. Obsessed I guess.

So what's your reason for doing photography? I'd love to hear about it.