Winter in the Highlands

Photographing in winter can often be a miss rather than a hit. The weather here in Scotland can tend to be mild, damp and grey for days upon end. I'm quite frustrated at the moment because for the last month, we've had clear skies, beautiful sunsets and cold snaps abound. But now I have some free time to head off into the hills, the weather has turned very mild and grey. Not the kind of weather you want for landscape photography. So I'm house bound today.


So it was nice to head round to a friends house to get this image scanned in. It's a Large Format transparency and I don't have the means to scan it myself. We had a good chat about the state of photography and I thought I'd show you this image. It is a picture of the Buchalle Etive Beag, a mountain in the Glencoe region of the highlands. It was taken a few years back.

I'm a real sucker for this kind of light. Winter can provide some of the most beautiful light of the year. Those pink tones and blues are seldom repeated throughout the year. I just thought this image would make up for me not being able to head off into the hills. Until the weather improves, this will be my yard stick for what I would like to accomplish in the following weeks ahead.

I'll be up in Applecross on Thursday to meet Mark from BBC Scotland's Great Outdoor Show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the dawn will bring something special. Until then.....