Winter Photography

I'm getting all set for a trip up north. I'll be hitting the Scottish Highlands from mid December till just after Christmas. It's long overdue as I've not had much time over the past few years to photograph my own country and I have to say that I cannot wait! So what I would like to ask you all is this: Do you ever plan trips to a place you love? If so, do you find that your mind 'dreams' up images of what you wish to photograph when you get there? Do you essentially day-dream about the experiences of being out there, roaming the landscape with your camera?

I know that my mind is currently filled with aspirations and dreams about my forthcoming trip. But it's not just the images that I am seeking. It is the feeling of just heading out there with a loose plan, knowing that surprises will come my way and images will be born that I had never anticipated.

Then again, there is the sense of freedom I am looking forward to also. The right to wander the landscape during the small hours of the mornin once I've dragged myself out of my sub zero tent no doubt. I guess it all ads up to be part of one big adventure.

My rough plan is as follows:

Half a week on the Isle of Eigg Then into Torridon, exploring Applecross beach with it's fine views over to the isle of Skye Then up towards Ullapool and Inverpolly which has some of the most distinctive mountains in Scotland Up towards Oldshoremore beach reaching Cape Wrath, one of the most bleakest and barren parts of the British Isles Over towards the Kyle of Tongue with expansive beaches and mountains hitting my Dad's house sometime on or before Christmas for some warm food and a bath no doubt.

So where are you heading to next?