Torres del Paine NP, Patagonia

A photographic Journey through one of Patagonia's spectacular national parks. I thought it would be a great idea to put a podcast together with my thoughts on photography. I've just completed my first 'episode'. This one is about Patagonia. I should stress that I use the term 'episode' loosely, as I currently have 'tentative' plans to produce some more.

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I just bought a whole pile of audio recording gear - a neat flash recorder, and a couple of microphones. I have a background in post audio production so this is nothing new for me. But what is new, is combining audio and dialog with my photography.

My intention is that when I travel in future, I will record the surrounding places, whether it is the windswept pampas of Patagonia, or people praying in some east Asian temple somewhere. My hope is that I can produce further podcasts about my trips, which should be richer than this podcast as I didn't have any source material to use.

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I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps I'll get my act together and start to produce some more.