Wool dyeing in the Souks of Marrakech

It was tough. Making photographs in Morocco wasn't easy. The more I go through the films from Morocco, It is all coming back to me. Here's a shot from the Souks of Marrakech. These guys are dying wool that is used to make a lot of the Moroccan textiles. I remember walking past them and thinking how great it would be to get a candid shot of them doing their work.


I could see two possibilities. One was that they would agree, but the image would lose any spontaneity that I found attractive in the first place. The second option was that I would get my candid shot. I had no idea until this evening if I'd got something, and as usual, it isn't what I expected, but in many ways, it's much better than I'd hoped for.

What I like about this shot is that the main guy on the left has a very serious natural look on his face while in the immediate background his work mate is unaware of the camera. Notice the steam coming off the dyed wool. Compositionally, both subjects balance each other out and give the image symetry.

On a technical note, this was shot using the 50mm Mamiya 7 lens - that's roughly equivalent to a 24mm in 35mm land. So it's a wide angle. I normally shoot people shots with the 80 and it's a real pain to have to anticipate which lens to have on the camera body most of the time. I don't fancy the idea of having two Mamiya 7 bodies, because I'm really going to stand out. Which isn't the point of street photography.