Chewing the Fat

I guess even Gauchos gossip. These guys certainly seemed to be dishing the dirt about somebody somewhere, or perhaps they were discussing the current political climate?


As part of the workshop, we were 'scheduled' to take photos of the Gauchos at an estancia at laguna Verde, but it turned out they weren't there. So it was with surprise that on the very last day we found them at Las Torres.

Below is a portrait of the Gaucho who you can see above on the right. Normally, I'd use an 85 or 100 mm lens for a shot like this, but I really do rate the Canon 70-200 lenses. I've owned the f2.8 (personally, too big and too heavy) and I now have the tiny f4 (Ideal for travel). They are both optically identical but the weight of the litte f4 brother is just right for lugging around when I'm off on my travels.

Anyway, the Gaucho is quite flamboyant. I mean, does he dress like that just for work, or is he looking for some attention?


I'm off to Argentina tomorrow to the northern edge of Los Glaciares. It will take me three days to get there due to the condition of the unsealed roads down here. When I get there, I'm intending on camping and trekking around the base of Cerro Torre and Fitzroy mountains. Last time I was here, I came home pretty much empty handed, so wish me luck.