Fine Art Printing Masterclass


Fine Art Printing Masterclass


Price: £1,695
Deposit: £448
Date: 27 - 1 May 2019

6-Day Photographic Mentoring Workshop
Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands



This workshop's aim is to help you create fully realised prints that utilise tonal relationships along with new-found editing skills in a colour managed environment.

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 If it looks good on-screen, there is no guarantee it will look good in print. Whereas the opposite is true: If it looks good in print, it will also look good on-screen.

I've often noticed things in my work once printed, that I was unable to see on-screen (even with a well calibrated system). I believe that if you are able to perfect your printing, then your image editing skills and overall awareness will move up a gear or two. Ultimately, the print should be your reference point. Nothing else.

During our time we will learn about:

Colour management principles

• Screen calibration & profiling
• Verifying screen calibration using target files
• The importance of daylight viewing booths
• Document profiles & colour spaces 

Digital Darkroom editing techniques

• Understand tonal relationships in the work
• Understanding luminosity values
• Using contrast masks
• Using luminosity masks
• Sharpening for print

Print Evaluation

• Working towards the final print
• Daily critique sessions

As some light relief from our time in the classroom, during the evenings we will have the opportunity to shoot the surrounding Wester Ross Scottish highland landscape.

Informal group setting


Bruce likes to run his photography-workshops in a friendly, intimate group setting. This trip has a maximum group size of six.

Unlike a lot of workshops with up to 12 or 16 people on them, running with a smaller number allows everyone to have space in which to photograph. It also means more quality time for Bruce with each participant.

Required Fitness Level

Easy Grading

This is a classroom envionment only. There will be plenty of lively discussions and editing sessions which can be quite brain intensive, but fun also. Otherwise there are no physical demands fo this course.

What's included

• Transportation from/to Inverness
• 5-nights dinner, bed & breakfast
• Lunch
• Printer & printer paper
• 4 days tuition in studio environment
• Personal use of Apple iMac
• Image interpretation e-Book


This workshop has a focus on image printing and interpretation techniques in the digital darkroom. It is expected that you are reasonably familiar (but not an expert) with Photoshop CS. Photoshop Elements is not suitable for this course.

Please Note: Although I will not be teaching you Photoshop, we will cover Photoshop curves extensively while preparing our work for print.

Payment Terms

Initial Depost of £448 Required to secure your booking.

50% Refundable Deposit

All deposits are 50% refundable up until six months prior to the trip departure date, at which point they become fully non-refundable.

Final Balance

The final balance is due 3 months prior to trip departure.

Your space is only secured if payment is made on time. We reserve the right to cancel your space if we cannot get in touch with you or your final payment is past due.

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