Videos / Podcasts

Below you will find a selection of some of the podcasts that I used to publish on iTunes. Some are quite old now, but I hope you still get something out of them. They were a lot of fun to produce and rekindle lots of nice memories for me.

Refined femininity, the Geisha of Kyoto

Everywhere feels like home

As a travel photographer, 
the world has become my home.

Nepal: Photographic Karma

Inspiration comes in many forms, from many sources. Spending two weeks in the Kathmandu valley, I found inspiration in the songs, people and sometimes something as simple as the clack of a rotating prayer wheel.

Lalibela, Ethiopia

We're all on a journey through life. Orthodox Ethiopians travel to Lalibela on a pilgrimage. Without realising it, it turned I was on a pilgrimage too.

Bolivian Altiplano

Suffering from mild altitude sickness, I experienced the Bolivian altiplano under the clearest light I have yet witnessed.

Assynt, Scottish Highlands

Landscape photography is an absorbing occupation but sometimes, just sometimes, it's far too isolating. In this podcast, I discuss whether the feelings of loneliness are brought about by a landscape devoid of people.

Northern India

The indian landscape is its people. Until I visited Rajasthan I didn't quite see it that way. This podcast covers my foray into portraiture.