The podcasts below, focus on my journeys around the world photographing wild places and the cultures that inhabit them.
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Refined femininity, the Geisha of Kyoto

With the utmost of manners, and what felt like genuine consideration for their guest, I found the Geisha to be completely spellbinding. Everything about them leaned dramatically towards a time-honoured, refined image of femininity; the hair, the lightness of skin, the lipstick and the softness of manner. All were an inescapable, highly impressionable window on a past. A past, where feminine delicacy had been unashamedly celebrated.

Everywhere feels like home

As a travel photographer, 
the world has become my home.

Nepal: Kathmandu Valley

Inspiration comes in many forms, from many sources. Spending two weeks in the Kathmandu valley, I found inspiration in the songs, people and sometimes something as simple as the clack of a rotating prayer wheel.

Lalibela, Ethiopia

We're all on a journey through life. Orthodox Ethiopians travel to Lalibela on a pilgrimage. Without realising it, it turned I was on a pilgrimage too.

Isle of Eigg

Photographing on Eigg, made me realise that out of all the travel I've done over the past 10 years, Scotland is still very much my home. I felt on Eigg that I'd realised a sort of homecoming.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Winter above the arctic circle allowed me to take a second look at winter, which had just passed in my home land of Scotland.

Bolivian Altiplano

Suffering from mild altitude sickness, I experienced the Bolivian altiplano under the clearest light I have yet witnessed.

Assynt, Scottish Highlands

Landscape photography is an absorbing occupation but sometimes, just sometimes, it's far too isolating. In this podcast, I discuss whether the feelings of loneliness are brought about by a landscape devoid of people.

Northern India

The indian landscape is its people. Until I visited Rajasthan I didn't quite see it that way. This podcast covers my foray into portraiture.