Altiplano (Standard Edition)

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Altiplano (Standard Edition)


Photographic Monograph

The high plateau of South America

Released on 1st of November

Foreword by Paul Wakefield

This book contains 67 photographic plates from my journeys to the Altiplano regions of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile over a 9 year period.

The book also contains a number of essays on the subject of composition and of working with simplified landscapes. The book is introduced by Kathy Jarvis who has written a number of travel guides about the region, in order to set the context for the landscape and how it has been shaped by the people that live upon it.

The book is available in three variants, and is limited to a small print run of 310 copies.


300mm x 300mm
Soft cover 
108 pages
67 full colour plates

Edition of 200 copies


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