A free Icelandic Location e-Book

My good friend Hawk, who assists me as my tour-guide for many of my Icelandic photographic  tours, has just published a free e-book about locations in Iceland.

Hawk is an experienced Icelandic tour operator who knows his locations well. Alongside his father Finnur, both of whom I got to know while spending time in Reykjavik,  they run a tour company that offers private bespoke tours around Iceland throughout the year.

In Hawk & Finnur's e-book, they have covered a variety of locations from the accessible to the more remote, often letting you into a secret or two about each place.  They have also ensured that the safety aspects of visiting certain locations around the country has been covered and just like all Icelanders I know, have written the e-book assuming that you take responsibility for your actions.

Iceland is not a country of railings and warning signs. It's really up to you to be careful and respectful when visiting this delicate landscape. The vegetation for instance, only grows for a few months each year, and driving into deserts where tracks erode the landscape is subject to heavy fines.

If you'd like a copy of Hawk's book, you can find it at http://www.hawk.is/books-on-iceland/photo-guide-to-iceland/ and if you would like to know more about his own tour company, you can find out more information here: NatureExplorer.is