Worldwide Adventures

I've traveled to quite a few places over the past decade, and some destinations keep asking me back - they're just too photogenic or have a 'soul' to them that I have to revist if I can.

So each year, nothing makes me happier than showing other photographers some of these special places.


"I can’t imagine a better photo group leader than Bruce. Even though I’ve been on about a dozen photo tours all over the world, Bruce is by far the best ." Roger Pool, New York

Feel free to read more testimonials from my previous workshop participants.

Worldwide Adventure Schedule

Dates Availability Adventure Location Type Price
February 5-11


Lofoten Islands, Norway, Winter Worldwide Adventure £2,395
February 12-18


Lofoten Islands, Norway, Winter Worldwide Adventure £2,395
February 25-5


Senja, Norway's lesser known gem Worldwide Adventure £3,395
April 26-5


Bolivian Altiplano & Chilean Atacama Worldwide Adventure $5,995
May 7-16


Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia Worldwide Adventure $6,795
September 15-24


Iceland's Fjallabak - The Remote Interior Worldwide Adventure $7,195
Dates Availability Workshop / Adventure Type Price  
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Bolivian Altiplano & Chilean Atacama

Otherworldly landscape & world's largest salt plain

10-Day Photographic Adventure

The Tibet of South America, the Bolivian Altiplano offers very clear morning and evening light in its high altitude landscape.

Easter Island

Remote Island volcanic landscape & standing stones

7-Day Photographic Adventure

Easter Island (Rapa Nui), is one of the most remotely inhabited islands in the world. 

Although most famous for the Moai statues that inhabit its landscape, Easter Island's volcanic origins, in my opinion also make it a great photographic setting for many of its ancient sites. 

Iceland's Fjallabak - The Remote Interior

Remote & wild, vast black deserts, volcanic craters & lakes

9-Day Photographic Adventure

Visit the remote and wild interior landscape of Iceland. Seldom photographed, this place has vast black deserts, crater lakes, red iron ore waterfalls. It is one of the last true wilderness regions of Europe.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Winter light above the arctic circle

6-day photographic adventure

Stunning mountain scenery, amazing winter light, Lofoten is a special place above the arctic circle.


Senja, Norway's unknown gem

Lone trees, frozen lakes & coastal scenery

9-day photographic adventure

Senja is a wilderness of forests, frozen lakes and dramatic coastal scenery.

Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia

Turqoise glacial lakes, clacier and granite spires

10 day photographic adventure

A UNESCO world heritage site, Torres del Paine is perhaps the highlight of Patagonia. We will focus our entire efforts on this spectacular national park for 10 days.